Our Approach

Florence Nadaud showing Mosaics-Of-Life Therapies approach

Florence is dedicated and passionate about the work she delivers and always keeps the best interests and welfare of the child at the centre of everything she does.


Education Welfare

My name is Florence Nadaud and I am the founder of Mosaics-Of-Life Therapies. I am passionate about making the practice accessible to as many families in need as possible, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

I have been working with children, young people and their families since 2006, in a range of capacities from SENCo to family practitioner to mental health worker. I have worked closely with schools in consultancy and supervisory capacities since 2016.

As my studies evolved I accepted a place at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, where I had the privilege of training as a psychotherapist under the expertise of inspirational colleagues.


MA in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with children, young people and families from the Tavistock and Portman.

BA Hons Psychology.

We work with some of the most vulnerable children in society and support from people like you is invaluable, [giving them] a greater chance of success, into the next stage of their education and into adulthood. Thank you once again for your great contribution.

Mrs J Buckingham

Principal of a secondary school

How We Deliver Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Mosaics-Of-Life Therapies aim to offer individuals a space where they can feel safe enough to be their true selves, explore who they are and connect with how they feel about themselves and others.

Every single emotion, thought and feeling is valued and recognised as genuine and purposeful. Each is therefore warmly welcomed in the therapy room, regardless of how they may be labelled in the outside world. We aim to create a space where it is acceptable for you to become angry, to cry, to doubt, to judge, to express thoughts which may be experienced as shameful, stigmatised or rejected outside of the therapy room.

We do not claim to offer immediate solutions. Therapeutic work is rarely straightforward and we always aim to work with you within realistic expectations. There will be comforting and upsetting times during therapy so we always aim to discuss these with families from the start. This allows us all to work together towards a joint outcome.

It is the way our clients perceive, experience and make sense of the world around them that is more likely to change, as opposed to situations they find themselves in or people surrounding them. Whilst we are able to work with schools and other professionals to encourage practical adaptations to meet the needs of a child or young person, we will never presume to hold the keys to all the changes a family may wish to see happening. However, we will always endeavour to build a trusting and supportive relationship so clients feel safe enough to explore different ways of looking at situations,  create new meanings as well as reflect on thoughts and emotions.

Our practice is inclusive of all religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are experienced in working with anyone who identifies with the LGBTQ community.

Our practice is for one-to-one sessions with children and young people caters for all ages between birth and 25 years of age.

Our therapy room accommodates a comfy corner with drapes and soft lights, free floorspace, cushions, toys, games, doll’s house, arts and crafts, therapeutic sand tray and many more.
Play is central to our approach to working with younger children. We follow the child’s lead and will therefore often be found playing football, catch and taking part in any imaginary script that develops within a session. We create a space for children to explore relationships, feelings and thoughts, through play and interactions with their therapist. Young people are not expected to ‘sit and talk’ either. We encourage every client to use the available space freely, in whichever way they feel comfortable.

Environmental Rationale

Mosaics-Of-Life is passionate about the environment.

Through our outdoor provisions, we aim to not only improve mental health but also to encourage a connection with nature. Through activities such as bushcraft as well as water sports, we aim to facilitate and role-model a positive and caring attitude towards our natural surroundings. We will organise clean-up sessions and talk about the wildlife observed at the lake, in and on the water as well as on land.

We continue to keep the environment in mind through our indoor sessions too. There are several living plants in the therapy room, which young people and families are welcome to help look after. We provide as many environmentally-friendly resources as possible, from twine string to paper tape and natural glue.

Since January 2022 we have teamed up with Just One Tree to combat climate change by supporting reforestation and biodiversity, both on land and in water. For every initial meeting and/or full assessment booked with Mosaics-Of-Life Therapies, we donate £1 to Just One Tree.​ As well as planting at least 1 tree, 3 pence from every pound we donate to Just One Tree goes directly to supporting ​​their vital nature-based solution to restore our oceans. Kelp is a fast-growing, efficient carbon absorbing solution. Our support for Just One Tree helps fund ground-breaking research helping kelp to grow more efficiently and create rich underwater forests.

To find out more visit http://www.justonetree.life

The Story Behind The Name

I had always wanted to involve those close to my heart in the setting up of my private practice.

The name of the practice was a discussion I had with my work (and life!) mentor. The ball started rolling when she compared our profession to the process of building a jigsaw. How on point! Our entire lives are made of a variety of jigsaw pieces. Therapy, and other professions supporting children and families, gets us to look at pieces we already have and know about, and reflect on those which may be missing, forgotten or damaged.

As we continued talking, we realised that, sometimes, the missing pieces remain lost or out of conscious reach. It may be that we reveal a piece that is too damaged to fit the others or that it had to be modified. The image of a mosaic reflected those thoughts better. A mosaic is made of diverse pieces, all different colours, shapes, shades. Life is not as straightforward and rigid as a set jigsaw. Instead, it is a colourful and unique creation, with a flexible pattern that can be modified and adapted as we grow and develop.

When a very dear friend accepted my request to sketch the logo (which was itself a wonderful suggestion from another very close friend of mine), we decided to keep the jigsaw pieces, as a reminder of how the name came to be. This also reflects our ethos of encouraging you to keep the difficult and painful pieces of your mosaic, allowing for each to be thought about, processed and eventually integrated, as a reminder of how you came to be the person you are today.

Mosaics-Of-Life Therapies see individuals just as unique and creative as the mosaic of their lives. Exploring your child(ren)’s and your own mosaics is a privilege we do not take for granted. We will never add or modify a piece ourselves. This is your creation and we will solely guide you in seeing how unique it is, how colourful it can be and help you when you feel it is time to make changes to it.