I hope many people will find Mosaics-Of-Life helpful for worries and a little chat. I loved working with Flo and it helped me to talk about things I was feeling and has helped me manage my worries.

It will help you have more confidence and courage to overcome fears and be happier.


Age 10

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As a professional, I have worked with Flo over the last 7 years. This has been as part of a team and also as part of a wider multi-agency network. Flo has always been a reliable and supportive colleague who offers peer supervision, support and advice and has always remained patient, positive and solution focused – even with the more challenging and complex cases we have worked on.

Flo is dedicated and passionate about the work she delivers and always keeps the best interests and welfare of the child at the centre of everything she does. Flo is a friendly and approachable person with a strong work ethic, positive attitude and is always willing to go the extra mile to help go beyond and above where she can.


Education Welfare

When I was asked if I wanted to write a testimonial I initially panicked (ironic right?), but knowing that Florence was going out independently I knew I wanted the world to know how awesome she is and about our experience.

We started foster care for one young boy a year and a half ago. To say we were green was an understatement and we have been on a steep learning curve (we still are if I am completely honest).

Florence started working with our young boy about two months in. Although we were aware children in foster care came with trauma we had no idea of what this meant in reality. But one thing we did not consider was the support that Florence gave and that she was there to suggest ways to understand the meaning behind behaviour and suggest strategies to support him and to find some balance in our lives too.

What difference has it made in our child??? Well… of course I was expecting to see a non-traumatised child after session one. Who wouldn’t right? But we knew that was completely unrealistic. However, what we have seen in a year is a child that has opened up, started to explore those experiences that have influenced his early life, begun to create a secure and safe bond with Florence and, in turn, been able to process his previous experiences. This has enabled him to be able to deal with shame, which in turn has meant that obtrusive behaviours have almost been diminished.

We cannot recommend Florence highly enough. She has shown us realistic expectation and has been so approachable and understanding.

If you are considering a therapist for your child then Florence is the one!!!

R & J

Foster Carers

Flo is nice and friendly. She is not scary. And she helps with people’s worries. She helped me talk it out. I was happy when I saw Flo. Thank you for helping me.


Age 6

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It felt as though we’d lost our way with our daughter a little bit before we first met with Flo, without knowing why or how! It was so difficult to know how to help her to feel more herself again and regain her confidence without making her feel under pressure. Flo really listened to us as parents and took our concerns seriously. She was the first person who really heard us and acted on what we explained because she had the knowledge and experience to help us as a family. Thank you so much for your help, we have learned so much from you and we’re so thankful to you for supporting our daughter to feel happier, relaxed and much more carefree and just more ‘herself’.



Flo has been a fantastic support to our families.

She has helped families with:

Eating disorders


Attachment difficulties

Working through trauma

Supporting mental wellbeing

Flo has been instrumental to ensuring our children and families are on a more positive journey to their well being.

I have learnt so much from Flo. She is approachable and happy to help where ever she can, and is eager to ensure that families get support they need.

I would be lost without Flo’s support and guidance when it comes to making sure children’s social, emotional mental health needs are met.


SENDCo, Primary School